Large Generative AI R&D Support Program

ABCI has been implementing the “ABCI Grand Challenge” program to support the challenges of the most important issues in the field of artificial intelligence, which are only possible through enormous computing power, and important social issues utilizing artificial intelligence, big data, and quantum computation. In FY2023, the “Large-scale Language Model Building Support” program was conducted against the backdrop of the growing demand for large-scale language models. In FY2024, we will expand the scope of the program from language models to include all aspects of building the “Large-scale Generative AI Models,” including large-scale language models and diffusion models.
ABCI limits the number of parallel jobs and their execution time in order to avoid excessively long waiting times for jobs. However, this limitation makes it difficult to run jobs that require a huge amount of computation, such as large-scale generative AI models. This program enables users who wish to build large-scale generative AI models to reserve a larger number of compute nodes. Please note that ABCI points should be obtained in charge by the ABCI users to execute this program. Unlike the Grand Challenge, no free ABCI points will be granted.

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Proposals will be reviewed by the Large-Scale Generation AI Research and Development Support Program Review Committee, consisting of experts, through document review and discussion based on the results of the review.

The main items to be reviewed are as follows:

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