How to Use ABCI


Is it possible for the same organization (including corporations, universities, institutes, etc.) to apply for multiple applications?
Yes, it is possible. You are welcome to apply for multiple applications based on your organization's department, budget, project, etc.
Category1.Application Number1-1
Does the responsible person need to be a representative of the organization?
The responsible person does not need to be a representative of the organization. However, the ABCI User Representative has the responsibility of paying ABCI usage fees and directing the ABCI users in his/her group to complying with ABCI procedures and rules.
Category1.Application Number1-2
Is it possible to add affiliates or related business partners as ABCI users?
Yes, it is possible. However, it is highly recommended that an ABCI User Administrator is appointed for each individual affiliate or related business partner in order to direct the ABCI users in his/her group to complying with ABCI procedures and rules.
Category1.Application Number1-3
How much detail should be described for the purpose of ABCI use?
Please describe the purpose in regard to R&D aims (including research and development for commercial use). There should be enough information for AIST staff to understand the purpose and use of ABCI from reading the description only.
Category1.Application Number1-4
After the application is submitted, how many days will it take before I can start using ABCI?
An Acceptance Letter will be sent by post within 10 business days after the application is submitted. ABCI Accounts will be created at the time of approval. ABCI users will receive an email with access information and will be able to use ABCI immediately. However, depending on the user's affiliation and purpose of use, the application review may take several months.
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Is there a maximum number of ABCI Points that can be requested when an application is submitted?
There is no maximum number of ABCI Points that can be requested at the time of application. However, an upper limit may be set for first-time ABCI applications.
Category1.Application Number1-6
What happens to remaining ABCI points at the end of the fiscal year?
Remaining ABCI Points expire at the end of each fiscal year ending on March 31st and cannot be carried to the next fiscal year. Since ABCI Points can be obtained at any time, please have the ABCI User Representative monitor and manage the ABCI Points in the ABCI User Portal.
Category1.Application Number1-7
Personal information is included in the Application Form. How does AIST handle personal information?
Personal information included in the Application Form will be properly managed according to AIST's Rules on the Protection of Personal Information.
Category1.Application Number1-8
When submitting a copy of My Number Card as an "identity confirmation" certificate in accordance to Attachment No.2 of the ABCI Agreement, is it required to submit both sides?
Please do NOT submit a copy of the side showing the personal number. Please submit only the other side of My Number Card.
Category1.Application Number1-9
Is it possible for a foreign organization to apply?
It is possible if the foreign organization meets the conditions of Article 4 of the ABCI Agreement.
Category1.Application Number1-10
Can a foreigner use ABCI?
A foreigner can use ABCI if he or she meets the requirements of Article 5 of the ABCI Agreement.
Category1.Application Number1-11
Is it possible to use ABCI from abroad?
It is possible if an ABCI user meets the requirements of Article 5 of the ABCI Agreement.
Category1.Application Number1-12
Is it possible for a Japanese person who lives in a foreign country and returns temporarily to Japan to use ABCI?
It is possible when he or she meets the requirements of Article 5 of the ABCI Agreement
Category1.Application Number1-13
Is it possible for an individual user to apply using Attachment No.2?
Only when AIST has given advance approval, it is possible for an individual to apply using Attachment No.2.
Category1.Application Number1-14
Is the ABCI User Representative required to register as an ABCI user?
No, it is not required. An ABCI Account is automatically issued to the ABCI User Representative. Therefore, it is NOT recommended for an ABCI User Representative to register as an ABCI user to avoid duplication.
Category1.Application Number1-15
How can I pay for ABCI Usage Fees?
When the application is approved, an ABCI Acceptance Letter and Usage Fee Payment Request Form will be sent to the ABCI User Representative by post from Keisan-Kagaku Inc., the authorized payment agency for AIST's ABCI. Please pay for ABCI fees by following the instructions included with the Usage Fee Payment Request Form.
Category2.ABCI Usage Fees Number2-1
How is an ABCI Account issued?
After an application is approved and an ABCI Acceptance Letter is issued, an email containing the ABCI Account Name and initial access procedures will be sent to each individual ABCI user. After following the instructions in the email, users may start using ABCI.
Category3.ABCI Account Number3-1
Are there any password rules?
The password rules are as follows:
  • Please use more than 15 random characters. Words registered in Linux dictionary are prohibited.
  • The characters must include capital letters [A-Z], lower case letters [a-z], numbers [0-9], and symbols.
  • Available symbols include: (space), !、"、#、$、%、&、'、(、)、*、+、,、-、.、/、:、;、<、=、>、?、@、[、\、]、^、_、`、{、|、}、~
  • It is highly recommended to use a password generation software.
  • Double-Byte character is prohibited.
Category3.ABCI Account Number3-2
How is ABCI's information securely managed?
A white paper on "ABCI Information Security" will be published in the near future.
Category4.Information Security Number4-1
How are data, training models, and trained models managed in ABCI?
Please refer to ABCI Agreement.
Category5.Data Management Number5-1
In the case of a Joint Research with AIST, should I refer to "ABCI Agreement" or "ABCI Rules"?
When a collaborating research partner (company, etc.) uses ABCI for research independent of the collaborative project with AIST, please refer to ABCI Agreement. When the collaborating research partner uses ABCI and the ABCI fees are included in the direct cost of the Joint Research Agreement, please refer to ABCI Rules.
Category6.Joint Research Number6-1
How do you calculate the ABCI usage fee for a Joint Research Agreement?
Please consult with your AIST representative on how to calculate the ABCI usage fee for the Joint Research Agreement.
Category6.Joint Research Number6-2
According to Article No. 21 of ABCI Agreement; "ABCI User Representative must notify AIST in advance when a user publicizes research results produced while using ABCI at a conference presentation, a conference announcement, or in a press release." How much information should I provide to AIST?
For conferences, please provide the name of the academic society, conference name, presentation summary/abstract and date. For a press release, please provide the date of release, summary of the press release, and any web links to the press release. The information may be submitted to ABCI Application Reception:
Category7.Research Publication Number7-1