About ABCI


ABCI consists of; 120 Compute Nodes (A) that form in total 960 NVIDIA A100 GPU accelerators, 1,088 Compute Nodes (V) that form in total 4,352 NVIDIA GPU V100 accelerators, shared file systems that provide in total 35PB capacity, ABCI Cloud Storage, high-speed InfiniBand network connecting the compute nodes and the storage systems, firewall equipments, and etc.

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□ Computing Node (A)NEW

FUJITSU PRIMERGY GX2570 M6(1 server in 4U)
CPU Intel Xeon Platinum 8360Y Processor (54 MB Cache, 2.4 GHz, 36 Cores, 72 Threads) ×2
GPU NVIDIA A100 for NVLink 40GiB HBM2 ×8
Memory 512GiB DDR4 3200MHz RDIMM
Local Storage 2.0TB NVMe SSD (Intel SSD DC P4510 u.2) ×2
Interconnect InfiniBand HDR (200Gbps) ×4


□ Computing Node (V)

FUJITSU PRIMERGY CX2570 M4 (2 servers in 2U)
CPU Intel Xeon Gold 6148 Processor(27.5 MB L3 Cache, 2.40 GHz, 20 Cores, 40 Threads)×2
GPU NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 (16GiB HBM2)×4
Memory 384GiB DDR4 2666MHz RDIMM
Local Storage 1.6TB NVMe SSD(Intel SSD DC P4600 u.2)×1
Interconnect InfiniBand EDR (100Gbps)×2


□ Storage Systems

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□ Interconnection Network