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Datacenter Overview

Server Room

The AI Data Center building is a low-cost, lightweight “Warehouse”-like structure, with the server room occupying the majority of its interior. The server room is 62ft. x 79ft., about the same size as a basketball court, and has a ceiling height of 20ft. The floor is made of concrete slab and has a load-bearing capacity of 2.84 psi.

Cooling Pods

Cooling pods are a “Spires” structure, originally designed by AIST, that packages racks for storing compute servers, water cooling piping, air conditioning units, power supply systems, network wiring, etc., to realize an ultra energy-efficient, ultra high-density data center. The cooling pods can provide 70 kW of cooling capacity per rack.

Currently, three cooling pods are installed in the server room, with a total of 90 racks available (ABCI 2.0 uses 72 racks).

Cooling and Power Facilities

The AI data center building employs a free cooling system that uses only cooling towers to produce chilled water, achieving ultra-low power operation with an average annual PUE of less than 1.1. A cooling tower is a device that uses water evaporation to cool hot water; the AI Data Center building has six cooling towers with a cooling capacity of over 3MW. It can produce 5,000 liters per minute of cooling water at 32°C even in summer. In addition, the building is also equipped with an active chiller (refrigerator) equivalent to 250 kW, for a total cooling capacity of more than 3.25 MW.

The AI data center building has a power capacity of 3.25 MW, commensurate with its cooling capacity. The actual maximum power consumption of ABCI 2.0 is about 2.3 MW.