Dataset Publication Support

Dataset Publication Support

With the aim of enhancing the registered data in the ABCI Datasets, AIST will implement a program to support users who wish to release their research data generated using the ABCI. ABCI users who apply and are approved for this program will be provided with the ABCI points necessary to store their research data in the ABCI Cloud Storage free of charge on the condition that they register their research data in the ABCI Datasets.

Eligible Users

This program is open to all ABCI users with a valid ABCI account.

Resources Provided

ABCI Cloud Storage is available in 1TB increments. Specifically, one ABCI Group will be provided with the ABCI points necessary to store eligible data in ABCI Cloud Storage until the end of the fiscal year.

Capacity of Storage and Provision Method

Storage Provision Period

Conditions for storage provision


Please download the application forms below.

We accept applications all year round. The start date of storage use depends on when applications are received.

Please fill out the application form and Appendix 1 of the application documents and submit them via email to the address below.

Email address for submission:

Applicants will be notified of the screening results by email.


The review will be conducted by the Review Committee established within the ABCI Dataset Public Access Support Review Committee, which will review the documents and discuss the results.

The main items to be reviewed are as follows

Procedures after Approval

After the review, applicants with approved proposals will be notified of the results and provided with an ABCI Group to use ABCI Cloud Storage under this program. Using this ABCI Group, please follow the procedures below to prepare for data release.

  1. Add ABCI accounts of crews and related parties to the ABCI Group.
    • Register at the user portal.
    • If necessary, you may grant group administrator privileges to the crews.
    • Reference: Add User to ABCI Group
  2. Setup ABCI Group to start using ABCI Cloud Storage
  3. Uploading Data to ABCI Cloud Storage
  4. Set access control for uploaded data
    • To publish your data without any restrictions -> Public Access
    • To restrict access to specific cloud storage accounts only -> Policy
  5. ABCI Datasets Registration Application

Results Report and Continuation Application

Around February, the ABCI operation staff will contact users with a report and a request to submit a continuation application for the next fiscal year. Please submit the reports and applications by the designated due date.