About ABCI

About ABCI

AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI) is the world's first large-scale Open AI Computing Infrastructure, constructed and operated by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

World’s Largest, Super Energy Saving, Open AI Infrastructure

  • World-class Computing and Data Processing Power
  • Open and Dedicated Computing Infrastructure for Developing Algorithms and Software for AI and Big Data Applications
  • Platform to accelerate Joint AI R&D with Industries, Academia and Governments
  • Total Performance and Capacity
    Half Precision (AI-PFLOPS) Double Precision (PFLOPS)
    Compute Node(V) 550.6 37.2
    Compute Note(A) 300.8 19.3
    ABCI2.0(Total) 851.5 56.6
  • Power Capacity 2.3 MW
  • Power Usage Efficiency <1.1 Avg. PUE
ABCI Cloud Services started in August 2018


AI Infrastructure for Everyone

Ultra High-Density Data Center Designed from Scratch

  • A Low-Cost, Light Weight "Warehouse" with a Double-Structured Design including internal scaffolding for racks and cooling pods
  • Achieves 20 times the thermal density of ordinary data centers

Super Energy Saving

  • Uses Commercially-Available Cooling System
  • Achieves Cooling Capacity of 70kW per Rack by using hot water and air cooling

Adoption of De-Facto Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Uses Commodities Hardware and Accelerators for AI
  • Utilizes State-of-the-Art HPC/AI Software to enable Rapid Technology Transfer

Utilized Software Ecosystem

  • Promote the use of Containerized Software Assets in Global Communities

Accelerating Data Utilization in a Secure Manner

  • Provide a Multi-Peta Byte Scale High Speed Data Infrastructure for Sharing and Publicizing Data
  • Encryption of Data and Transmission Path using De Facto Cloud Technologies

Supporting the Collaboration and Use of ABCI among Researchers and Engineers at hundreds of Research Institutes, Universities and Industries