ABCI Cloud Storage

ABCI Cloud Storage

ABCI Cloud Storage is an object storage service with an Amazon S3 compatible interface. A service that can upload / download files (objects) using HTTPS. Access from outside ABCI as well as inside ABCI using a client tool (AWS CLI or S3cmd) that supports Amazon S3. It also has an encryption function at the time of data storage.

How to use ABCI Cloud Storage

How to start ABCI Cloud Storage

To start using cloud storage, the ABCI User Administrator (who has Administrator privilege) must apply for “start use” from the cloud storage management at the ABCI Portal.

ABCI Cloud Storage Terms of Use

To use ABCI Cloud Storage, you must agree to the ABCI Cloud Storage Terms of Service.

Notification of infringement of rights in public data

If you believe that your rights and interests have been violated by the public data, you can notify ( by e-mail with the following content.