How to Use ABCI


The ABCI usage fee will be increased by 11% In FY2023.

ABCI Service Menu and Usage Fees for ABCI Points (FY2023)

Service Resource type Resource Overview Spot and On-Demand Reserved
Computing Resource <Compute Node (V)>
rt_F 4GPU, 40 cores, 360GB Memory 1.0 Point/hour 36 Points/day
(Equivalent to 1.5 Points/hour)
rt_G.large 4GPU, 20 cores, 240GB Memory 0.9 Point/hour N/A
rt_G.small 1GPU, 5 cores, 60GB Memory 0.3 Point/hour
rt_C.large 20 cores, 120GB Memory 0.6 Point/hour
rt_C.small 5 cores, 30GB Memory 0.2 Point/hour
<Memory-Intensive Node>
rt_M.large 8 cores, 800GB Memory 0.4 Point/hour Service has been terminated(∗1)
rt_M.small 4 cores, 400GB Memory 0.2 Point/hour
rt_M.large2 8 cores, amount of memory undetermined 0.4 Point/hour Service not available(∗2)
rt_M.small2 4 cores, amount of memory undetermined 0.2 Point/hour
<Compute Node (A)>
rt_AF 8GPU, 72 cores, 480GB Memory 3.0 Points/hour 108 Points/day (Equivalent to 4.5 points/hour)
rt_AG.small 1GPU, 9 cores, 60GB Memory 0.5 Point/hour N/A
Storages Group Area
(shared disk)
5 Points/TB month (Free of charge for 200GB Home Area)
ABCI Cloud Storage 0.0001 Points/GB day (Usage Base)

Service Fees for ABCI Rack Occupancy Annual Use (FY2023) New

Service Resource Type Resource Overview Spent Points Contract Period
Rack Occupancy rt_rack.3 3 Racks of Compute Nodes (V) Occupancy
(1200TB of storage)
450,000 Points/year 1 year
(from the start date of ABCI usage in each fiscal year to the end date of usage)
rt_rack.4 4 Racks of Compute Nodes (V) Occupancy
(1200TB of storage)
600,000 Points/year

Application for ABCI Rack Occupancy Annual Use Service (FY2023) New

Application for usage In accordance with Article 6-2 of the ABCI Terms and Agreement, please fill out the "Application for Registration of Multiple ABCI Groups for Collective Use" (Appendix Form 4) or the application screen displayed on the Website under the jurisdiction of the Institute (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Application Form"). For the "Number of points," enter "450,000 points" if you wish to occupy 3 racks, or "600,000 points" if you wish to occupy 4 racks.
Application Period Feb 13, 2023 9:00am - Mar 10, 2023 5:00pm
Review If multiple applications are received, the Institute will review and select only one application.
Result The results of the review will be notified in an "ABCI Utilization Response Letter" by Mar 20, 2023. With this notification, the "ABCI Usage Agreement" will be established. However, the contract date will be Apr 1, 2023 (the effective date of the revision of the ABCI Terms and Agreement).
User Registration After receiving the "ABCI Usage Response Form," please apply for user registration on the "ABCI User Portal".

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