How to Use ABCI


The ABCI usage fee schedule will remain the same in FY2021.
**New Compute Node (A), implemented by more powerful GPU’s, will be operational in FY2021

ABCI Service Menu and Usage Fees for ABCI Points

FY 2021 (FY ends March 31, 2022)

1 ABCI Point costs 220 yen (including tax) in FY2021. Users can obtain the first 1,000 ABCI Points for 198,000 yen (including tax).

Cloud Service Resource Type Resource Overview Spot and On-Demand Reserved
Computing Resource Compute Node (V)
rt_F 4 GPU, 40 cores, 360GB Memory 1.0 Point/Hour 36 Points/Day
(equivalent to 1.5 Points/Hour)
rt_G.large 4 GPU, 20 cores, 240GB Memory 0.9 Point/Hour NA
rt_G.small 1 GPU, 5 Cores, 60GB Memory 0.3 Point/Hour
rt_C.large 20 Cores, 120GB Memory 0.6 Point/Hour
rt_C.small 5 Cores, 30GB Memory 0.2 Point/Hour
Memory-Intensive Node
rt_M.large 8 Core, 800GB Memory 0.4 Point/Hour NA
rt_M.small 4 Cores, 400GB Memory 0.2 Point/Hour
Compute Node (A)
rt_AF New 8 GPU, 72 Core, 480GB Memory 3.0 Points/Hour 108 Point/Day
(equivalent to 4.5 Points/Hour)
rt_AG.small New 1 GPU, 9 Core, 60GB Memory 0.5 Point/Hour NA
Storage Group Area(Group Disk) 5 Points/TB/Month
(Free of charge for 200GB Home Area)
ABCI Cloud Storage 0.0001 Point/GB/Day (Usage Base)