If you plan to continue using ABCI in FY2022, you have until Mar 25 to apply!

We start accepting ABCI applications for FY2022 (both new and renewal) on Friday, Mar 18. If you wish to use ABCI immediately, please submit the "Application (Continuation)" (via the web) by Mar 25.

If you want to use ABCI immediately

If you would like to use ABCI immediately from Apr 7 (after the maintenance), please complete the "Application (Continuation)" (via the web) by Mar 25.

Click the following URL’s to apply (Continuation) for use…

If you submit the “Application (Continuation)” after Mar 25

The date you can start using ABCI may be delayed. (You may not be able to use ABCI immediately after the maintenance is completed on Apr 7.)

For new applications

Please note that even if you submit a "Application (New)" (via the web) by Mar 25, it does not guarantee that you will be able to start using ABCI on Apr 7.

Application URL: ABCI Apply for groupn (
Contact: ABCI Application Reception (