Consider When Applying for Continued Using the ABCI in FY2022

ABCI continuation applications for FY2022 has been closed.

Click the following URL’s to apply (Continuation and New) for use…

Major changes in “Continuing Use Application” for FY2022

  1. Upon receipt of the "Application (Continuation)" (via the web) by the ABCI Application Office, the ABCI Subscription Agreement will be automatically renewed for the FY2022. No “Response Letter” will be sent. Invoices will be sent in April or later.
  2. Non-residents will need to be approved again in FY2022, even if they wish to continue using ABCI. Please update your user information to the latest version and upload the “Non-resident Checklist” when you submit the "Application for Continued Use (via the web).
  3. For AIST Research Units/Teams usage (terms), please refer to the link "Application for Non-Resident Users"(Sorry, Japanese Only.).

Other notes

  1. The number of “points” (1,000 points or more) to be applied for at the time of "Application (Continuation)" (via web) can be determined arbitrarily.
  2. Regardless of whether you apply for "Application (Continuation)" (via web) or not, the storage fee for the group area (shared disk) (for one year) will be deducted from the points you have in April.
  3. If the number of points at the time of application for continuation is less than the number of points required for the storage charge for the group area (shared disk) (for one year), the points held for FY2022 will be deducted. If the number of points you have become negative, you will not be able to use ABCI, so please apply for “Additional ABCI points”.
  4. If you do not apply for “Application (Continuation)” (via web), you will not be charged for the negative points mentioned above.

If you do not wish to continue using the service

  1. If your “Application (Continuation)” (via web) is not approved by Sep 30, your “ABCI Subscription Agreement” will be terminated, all data related to your “Usage Group” will be deleted, and the Home area of “User Account” that belongs to no “User Group” will also be deleted. Please note that once the data has been deleted, it cannot be restored. In order for your “Application (Continuation)” to be approved by Sep 30, you must apply for “Application (Continuation)” (via web) by Sep 12.
  2. <Note! If you have not applied for continued use, you will not be able to log in to ABCI and the ABCI User Portal.>

    If you wish to download (or delete) data from storage before Sep 30, please send an email request from the responsible person or administrator for ABCI usage to ABCI Operation Support ( Temporarily (for a period of approximately one month or less), you will be able to log in to ABCI and access the ABCI Group area and Home area.

Application URL: ABCI Apply for group (
Contact: ABCI Application Reception (

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