Terms and Conditions for Issuance of ABCI Points for the Second Half of FY2023

The issuance of points for the second half of fiscal year 2023 will be as follows.

  1. For additional points: Once the point usage rate has exceeded 50%, you may apply for up to “2,000 additional points”. If you wish to apply for more points, please submit an application within the range where the point usage rate does not fall below 50% after the points are added.
    • e.g. When a user group has acquired total of 20,000 points and the remaining points are 5,000, it may apply for additional 10,000 points. The point usage rate after addition: (20,000 - 5,000) / (20,000 + 10,000) = 50%
  2. For new user groups: Initial ABCI points to be acquired is “1,000 points” only.

The balance of the number of points available for issuance will be updated weekly from October onward.

Balance of points available for issuance:

“0 points” (as of Dec 19, 2023)

Additional ABCI points are unable to be issued. Please use ABCI in the remaining points. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

For inquiries, please contact: ABCI Application Reception