How to Use ABCI

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ABCI Application Procedure: ABCI Rules Attachment No.1

ABCI Application Procedure: ABCI Rules Attachment No.1*
(Attachment No.1)

* Application Procedure
  • Agreement to ABCI Rules is required for ABCI Application.
  • Please access AIST's Intranet (Research Strategy Division at Department of Information Technology and Human Factors) to download the ABCI Rules.
  • For the ABCI Application, please access the following URL.

Additional information may be needed. Please respond to inquiry from ABCI Application Reception, if applicable.

Receive an "Acceptance Email" from ABCI Portal.

Acceptance Email
  • After confirming that the Application meets all the terms and conditions of the ABCI Agreement, an Acceptance email will be sent to the ABCI User Representative.
  • If a response is not received after 6 business days (from application submission), please contact ABCI Application Reception by email.

An email with the ABCI Account name and initial access procedures and URL will be sent to the individual ABCI users.
(Please follow the instructions and ABCI users will be able to use ABCI immediately.)

First Time with ABCI

Email Notification for ABCI Account Issued.

The Email contains ABCI Account and one-time URL to change password.

Access one-time URL to register password.

Fill in ABCI Account and a Temporary Password, and then change to your own Password.

(The Temporary URL will be expired in 72 hours after receiving the email.)

When expired, access to the following URL and get re-issued Temporary Password.

Access to the ABCI User Portal, and register "SSH Public Key"

ABCI User Portal:
ABCI User Guide:

You may start using ABCI.

Changes to the registered ABCI User/Group Information: ABCI Rules Attachment No.3

Request to change the registered ABCI User/Group Information
(ABCI Rules Attachment No.3)

Additional information may be needed. Please respond to inquiry from ABCI Application Reception, if applicable.

Modifications will be registered in ABCI User Portal.
(Please check the ABCI User Portal)

Application for ABCI-WebUI Demonstration Program User Registration (Sony NNC users)

Application for ABCI use registration from NNC (application from user) (Japanese)

AIST conducts user qualification screening

AIST sends two e-mails to the applicant for the "Initial Access" page.

Access the "Initial Access" page and follow the instructions.

AIST activates the use of ABCI. (You can start using ABCI from NNC.)

Start using ABCI cloud storage

Start using ABCI cloud storage

Application for use by Non-residents ><required for each new fiscal year>

In each new fiscal year, please be sure to obtain approval with the "Transaction Review Form" before applying to use ABCI.

Access the "ABCI User Portal" from the following links:


Application for Additional Users

Application for Additional Users From the "User Group Management" tab of the ABCI User Portal (only the Responsible Person or user Administrator privileged), click "Add Users" to input user information, then download the "Confirmation of Non-resident and ABCI Checklist", fill it out, and upload the file.

Send the "Transaction Review Form" to the ABCI Application Reception (

Respond to inquiries from the Usage Application staff as necessary.

Changes are reflected.
(Please confirm the details on the User Portal)