Quotas for Group Areas

How to apply for an increase the inode quota and the disk usage limit for ABCI Group Area

The number of inodes in the ABCI Group Area is limited to 200 million.
The maximum disk usage limit for the ABCI Group Area is 250 TB.
To: qa@abci.ai
CC: [the Responsible Person]
Subject: ABCI: Application to increase the quota of inodes or disk usage
ABCI Group name of what wish to increase the quota: 
Target: inode quota or disk quota
Current quota: 
Current number of inode or used disk space: 
Desired quota after increase: 
Reason for increasing the quota: 
If you are the Responsible Person of multiple ABCI Groups and have applied for an increase elsewhere, please specify the ABCI Group name(s): 
Reason for increasing the quota for multiple ABCI Groups: